Adam Mathison-Sward

Lives & works in St. Paul, MN with his wife and their pets.

Tattoo Artist at Phantom Cat Tattoo


I really really hate these bio sections. So bullet points. I've been working as an illustrator for something like 12 years, during which time I've had the pleasure of working with a bunch of bands, comedians, poets, start-ups and a fairly well known Minnesota brewery. For the last 7 years, I've also worked as a tattoo artist. I occasionally write and record music, podcast, and do stand-up comedy. 

Education and Publications


2002 - 2004 Perpich Center for Arts Education, Visual Arts Major 

Artist Credits

"Everything The Light Touches" Comic


"Christmas Eve" Short Story


Snow Ball and The Frost Bite #3

Snout House Blues Graphic Novel

Doofus 2 Death #1-3

The Evangelists #1

Meth Wolf Presents

Tiempo #1

Robbie's Big Adventure

Songs End (IF-X Vol. 3 #6)

Dark Art (IF-X Halloween)

Surly Brewing Featured Artist 2017

Writer / Artist Credits

Electric Hangover #1

Plotsick #1

My Awful Mouth #1

Always Kinda Itchy