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MAGINK is my Dresden Files themed daily drawing project for October. 2020 was the first year, and it was an absolute blast to work on. And while just doing character illustrations was fun, I decided I wanted to go a different direction with the event. 

So, after a quick survey of some of the Dresden fandom, I decided to basically make an art book for a fictional animated series. I'm going to say this again just so everyone is crystal clear: MAGINK is a personal fan-art project, is in no way officially linked to The Dresden Files, and this animated series DOES NOT EXIST. This project is just what it would look like if I were in charge of an animated series of The Dresden Files. 

The pieces being done for this project are split into two categories; character design sheets and scene stills. The design sheets are meant to emulate the pieces done for cartoons; they include a full body shot, an action pose in the background, as well as a few face illustrations with various expressions. Below is an example of one of these characters sheets, for Michael Carpenter. 

Character Sheet - Michael Carpenter (1).jpg

The scene stills are just that; single images taken from various "episodes" of the show. In my head, each season of the show would be comprised of two to three books worth of material. As such, each book will have at least once scene still. Below is an example of what those would look like. I should note that this scene still isn't actually from any particular book, but timeline wise would be within the first three books. 

Scene_Example color fixed.jpg

Much like last year, all of the original art for this project will be available for sale, and is in fact available now in the store section of this website. If you decide you'd like to own one of the originals, you can just use the drop down menu on the item and select the one you'd like. Each original comes with a signed print of the finished colored art as well. And all orders made before October first will include a print of the "show" poster. You can get them here in the shop.

Because this is a personal project, that I am doing mostly for fun, I will not be taking requests for specific scenes or characters. If you would like to privately commission a specific scene or character, I'd be happy to chat about it, but know that it for sure won't be happening until November. 

Below is the current schedule for MAGINK 2021. It is, at the moment, subject to change, but really only in regards to when the livestreaming will be happening. The character selections are locked in. You can follow along with progress of the project on my Instagram and Twitter, and for all kinds of behind the scenes and in progress stuff, my Patreon is for sure the place to go, though it'll cost you at least a buck to join. Thanks for taking the time to read all this, and I hope you enjoy to the results! 

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